falling love

Friday, March 28, 2014

project SGSG @ school holiday

Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave,but not our, home is where the hearts is... this school holiday I had a project..this because to avoid feeling miss to Papa and worried his journey by plane...May Allah blessed papa D and safely landed to Malaysia.
SMS are sent by jackel 3 times and give more discount to me if I shop in their mall....actually , I just want to window shopping but then..when mama entered the curtain department..mama felt like love at the first sight with this cloth..fruits everywhere..English style....let's peep ...what is mama's project!
mama tried to finish my project before papa's, abang helping me to  hang this   kitchen     curtain.
SGSG holiday theme..fruits towel also fruits theme..
jeng...jeng..even table it so much..
feel like to eat everytime in the kitchen
due to mama problem, high, mama using the olive oil and  canola flower oil. No more palm oil..but then, feel guilty, because Tok wan is a Peneroka ...Tok wan has a coconut palm farm...but then mama  have to stay I had no choice...sorry Tok Wan
he..he..tukar lagi olive  theme...
This is my hobby ..ID can't be separate from me..I love to see everything in neat and sweet..