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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Abang Academic history

Today..special entry about academic study my son ...Abang.
Abang stay at  Teratai Nursery at two...until six years old...abang pose in front of Teratai Nursery.. the baby sitter, Cik Ros, Cik La dan Cik Ana ..they were so kind and mama being thankful for them to take good care of  my son.
Even abang stay at the nursery..he still went to Tadika Sri Murni at  4. He really like cikgu Siti

At 5 and 6, he continued at Tadika Islam Pekan..thank you so much ustazah Fizah ...Abang is really our ustaz now...thanks for the guidance...

Abang at Sek Keb Ahmad...abang year 1 and 2 here..this is the most memorable place for him and mama...sweet and sour..mix together ......

Then ..mama moved to Kuantan, now abang in year 3... abang and mama around three months at Sek Pengkalan Tentera. But mama refused to stay here..mama need school near D Schoen HAus. So, Mama asked my friend to help mama to post mama to nearer school...Alhamdulillah after three months ...mama's dream comes true..
At last..since 1.3.2010 until now abang and mama stay here..and this year adik also joined us to study here..Alhamdulillah ..syukur...Allah blessed mama and kids to stay here..hopefully mama will stay here until retirement..ha..ha..boleh ke????????
that's the entry about abang early and primary school ...mama's wrote this entry for him as a reference when he getting , he will know about his childhood education..